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  • Susan Tobiassen

Why do couples go to relationship counselling?

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship often involves effort, understanding, and good communication. However, there may come a time in any relationship when challenges and conflicts arise that seem difficult to overcome on your own. This is where couples therapy can play a pivotal role in helping you and your partner navigate these times more effectively.


Good communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. If you find yourselves constantly misinterpreting each other's words, avoiding meaningful conversations for fear of how your partner might interpret it, or unable to express your thoughts and emotions, it could be a sign that couples counselling might be beneficial.


All relationships encounter disagreements, but when these disagreements become a regular occurrence and seem to escalate without resolution, it may indicate deeper underlying issues.

Emotional and/or physical connection

Physical and emotional intimacy are vital components of a healthy relationship. If you and your partner have noticed a decline in intimacy, a lack of connection, or feelings of emotional distance, couples therapy can help you reconnect and rediscover the closeness you once shared.

Trust Issues

Trust forms the foundation of any strong relationship. If trust has been eroded due to infidelity, deception, or other difficulties, rebuilding it may require the guidance of a trained couples therapist who is able to provide a safe space for open dialogue.

Past Issues

Unresolved issues from the past, such as historical conflicts, traumatic experiences, or childhood issues, can significantly impact your current relationship dynamics.

Lack of Problem-Solving Skills

Relationships involve problem-solving, compromise, and negotiation. If you and your partner struggle to find effective solutions to your challenges, working through these issues in couples therapy can teach you valuable skills to discuss and work through issues together.

Changes in how you see things

As individuals evolve, so do their life goals and values. If you and your partner find yourselves growing apart due to diverging aspirations and beliefs, couples therapy can help you navigate these differences and determine if a compromise is possible.

Further reasons to explore couples therapy may include; feelings of boredom or stagnation in your relationship, if one person is putting in more effort than the other, or are both identifying that being preventative in your approach to each other is more effective than being reactive.

Deciding whether couples therapy is needed in your relationship involves recognizing the signs of trouble and being willing to address them proactively. Seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness but rather a demonstration of your commitment towards your relationship. Couples counselling can provide guidance, tools, and a safe space for both partners to explore, understand, and improve their relationship dynamics.

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