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About Me

Susan Tobiassen

BA (Psych), GradDIP (Psych), Master of Psychology

At the heart of my psychological work, is the belief that my role is to walk along side clients as they discover the deeper parts of themselves. I place an emphasis on providing a warm and caring approach to working with individuals, couples and families. In particular, I focus on assisting clients to gain a greater understanding of their past, and how this influences current difficulties.

Much of my clinical practice is in working with couples to assist them in building strong and fulfilling relationships by providing compassionate therapy and evidence-based interventions. With a deep understanding of the complexities of human relationships, I assist couples in developing healthier ways of understanding and communicating past hurts and unresolved issues. The impact of these past hurts influences how emotions are communicated within the couple. 

To learn more about individual psychology or couples and relationship counselling in Como Perth, please contact Psychology in Como on 0403 048 048.

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