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Relationship and Couples Counselling


Finding it difficult to communicate with your partner?

Do arguments between you go unresolved?

Couples often attend counselling due to difficulties in communicating, with either or both feeling like their needs are being unmet by the other person. These difficulties can, for some, cause discontent between them leading to rifts in the relationship.  Even the most functional of couples’ experience difficulties that can remain unresolved.

A couple will often enter difficult times and during these times act in a way that preserves the individual and not the couple. The presence of individualism itself is not harmful, but when it is mixed with limited and/or tense communication or shifts in the desire to want to heal these difficulties, the couple will sometimes experience rifts that will appear to each individual as unsolveable. This may result in the couples becoming tense with each other, often resulting in stonewalling, withdrawing, arguing, and/or always having to be right. Any of these actions can, and often become cyclical, and result in each or one of the couple completing checking out of the relationship.  

How will seeing a psychologist help our relationship?


Therapy assists couples understanding and communicating about past hurts and unresolved issues and the impact these have on their current relationship. The impact of these past hurts often have an influence over how emotions are communicated between the couple. Therapy will assist in finding a way to communicate what is not going well in the family. Emotions will be understood and communicated with the emphasis in therapy on creating new patterns of understanding and communication. For most the greatest outcome of couples counselling can often be the ability to ask themselves “what does my partner need from me at this moment to feel safe, secure and heard.

Our Psychologist, Susan Tobiassen, applies her clinical knowledge and practice in working with couples to develop and navigate their way out of these cycles, assisting couples to develop more healthier ways of communicating, thereby enhancing their relationships.

To learn more about couples and relationship counselling in Perth, please contact Psychology in Como on 0403 048 048.

Adult Therapy

Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

Almost everyone can recall a time in their lives when they have struggled with their mental health.

Therapy assists individuals in navigating their symptoms and finding a new way forward. My therapeutic approach focuses on assisting individuals to reduce symptoms, whilst facilitating a greater understanding of who they are in relation to their past, current, and future selves.

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